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We are the only producers of Bio-Protected™, "live", RAW, whole Aloe Force Juices and Skin Gel. We are happy you found us and are certain that the information you seek on Aloe, (the answers you didn’t even know to ask), are here for you. And YES, this information can really change your life!  

In this site you will discover... Why the Aloe Vera Plant is the Herbal Answer for all your Health Needs! How the "Live" RAW Aloe Vera Plant goes beyond digestive and elimination health to feed the very mechanisms of unfolding health in every cell throughout our bodies! Why it is ONLY the "Live" RAW whole Aloe Plant that will demonstrate ALL of the astounding research on Aloe Vera's immune enhancing properties! Why we’re just NOW finding out why aloe’s legendary promise is finally available to truly support YOUR Health. Experience the Full-Life-Force of Aloe as Originally Designed by Nature. Our Bio-Protective™ processing protects Aloe's intricately woven constituents and structure needed to feed the cells, tissues and organs of our bodies as only a RAW, "live," whole food can.We invite you to explore the Truths and Full Promise of the Aloe Vera Plant to Inspire your Desire to Experience Nature’s Gift to Feed Your Body’s Health!


Personal Message from Dr. Jeri L Heyman, PhD

From Skeptic to Crusader

 Founder of Herbal Answers, Inc.

Dr Jeri


I am a developmental psychologist whose research and practice has always been dedicated to nurturing optimal development. Several years ago as part of my personal anti-aging efforts (in search of my lost energy) and with a mother's concern for my family's health in a deteriorating environment, I began examining the latest nutritional research. In my search for the "magic pill" (and trying to prove a 'health nut' friend of mine - wrong) I came across some compelling information about drinking Aloe Vera!  I thought to myself, "Drink Aloe Vera??? I am not drinking Aloe Vera!?!"

That is - not until I examined what has turned out to be the most important research to impact my career, my life and the quality of lives of those around me. 

I was stunned by what I discovered. There is extensive clinical and scientific research (even with AIDS and cancer) that documents how the 'Live' Aloe Vera plant is antiviral, antimicrobial, in many ways AND is directly immune enhancing and has so many crucial health properties, it is mind boggling - and enough to make any self-respecting skeptic take a good hard look at Aloe. That was me. I didn’t quite believe any of it at first so I dug even deeper.

I found that the scientific research IS real and has demonstrated miraculous nutritional benefits that support the body's ability to turn around even the most deteriorated systems. So why - weren't we all hearing more about this? Why aren't we all drinking Aloe and why isn't it in every grandmother's medicine cabinet and every doctor's arsenal??? 

Could there really be a natural, nutritional drink that can cleanse, nourish, fortify, enhance, empower, balance, rejuvenate and regenerate on the cellular level, empower our immune/repair systems - AND have ONLY good side effects?!??! The scientific and clinical research was/is very real and indisputable.

Compelled to share what I learned - I set out to replicate some of the clinical studies to help make Aloe more known. What I learned then changed my life completely. Not all Aloe products are created equal, even 'cold processed' (still heated) aloes were not fully effective, you can't trust labeling - and none of the products on the market equaled the fresh Aloe plant nor demonstrated the science - except for one unique Aloe - the one used in the scientific and clinical studies that I originally scrutinized. My discovery that the Truth of Aloe Science is real AND that the Truth of Aloe purification is crucial to its effectiveness - changed my life forever. 

For some reason I have been given this information and Nature's True Gift from the Earth. People are suffering and searching and using Aloe that doesn't 'work' or don't even know about Aloe at all. I couldn't sleep nights, I was broken hearted and outraged. I want to shout, scream and cry out from the rooftops in every neighborhood of the world, every AIDS clinic, oncology office and children's ward ... about what we have here. My heart aches to make these truths known, available.

I was inspired me to give up my practice and found Herbal Answers, Inc. in 1995 to produce and distribute Nature's uniquely effective 'Answer' for what our health craves. I made a vow to do everything I could, for as long as I could, to bring these Truths to the world. 

Herbal Answers' mission is to share these truths.

I urge you to join me in this mission. 

I welcome your sharing with us and your community of the world.

I wish you the Truth of Nature's support for optimal health, energy, beauty for you and your families.

Please Take Care of Your Self.

Yours, in Truth,

Jeri Signature

Dr. Jeri L. Heyman, PhD

Founder, CEO Herbal Answers, Inc.

Producers of Raw-Purified, 'Live' AloeForce Products.


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